AIMM: Music Programs

There are many great programs available to help keep musicians actively playing and inspire new musicians to start. Here are just a few examples...

Save The Music has proven that music education dramatically increases early brain development and improves students' overall academic performance. Due to budget cuts, many of our nation's public school music programs have been dropped or are in serious jeopardy. The goal of VH1 Save The Music is to support and restore music education programs in America's public schools. Click here for more information. This program is sponsored by NAMM.

Now in its 21st season, this 8-week summer music program is perfect for nonprofessional musicians who'd like to pursue a career in music. Participants are placed in bands and given an opportunity to create, develop, and perform music on a professional level. The program is educational, and it is also a lot of fun!

Imagine the thrill of stepping on stage, plugging in, and jamming in front of family and friends just for the fun of it! That's what Weekend Warriors is all about. This 4-week program provides one thing: an easy way for adult musicians to enjoy playing music again. Weekend Warriors is a perfect opportunity for those who have "hung up" their instruments to have fun performing with other musicians again. Weekend Warriors is sponsored by NAMM.

This unique program, now in its first year of expansion, is comprised of 33 New Horizons Bands nationwide. The New Horizons concept applies to seniors typically (but not necessarily) over the age of 50 in large band programs as well as smaller ensembles such as stage bands, Dixie bands, orchestras and chamber music groups. For questions and further information, contact Roy Ernst at (716) 396-0299 or NAMM, The International Music Products Association at (760) 438-8001.